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It is very important that our children develop confidence in themselves to face a world full of challenges. Children face a world full of challenges every day and this can make a little one feel somewhat insecure. At three or four years they have to compete with their peers to be able to make a dent in friendships and they need to strengthen their self-esteem to do so. Sometimes children can feel more withdrawn or distrustful when it comes to entering the world, something that could make them stand aside and not discover all the good that there is in the world for them.

Most parents recognize the benefit of their child getting involved in sport but choosing the right sport is important. All sports require commitment, whether it is weekend netball training, watching rugby drill videos or running around a football pitch after school. This is why choosing the right sport is important. Participation should encourage children and young people to continue their interest in adulthood, creating the sporting generation of the future.