5 tips to enjoy with children in New York

enjoy with children tips

5 tips to enjoy with children in New York

Hello again Kuiqueros and Kuiqueras, this summer I have been in New York, here I have a lot of things to tell you how to enjoy with children. Here I go!

Hotel Or Apartment?

One of the biggest headaches we face before traveling is finding suitable accommodation. New York is at war with Airbnb, but there are still options to stay in Manhattan through this system. I recommend you explore their website first in case you find the perfect apartment for your stay in NY.

In my case, due to strict regulations and the intention to prioritize location above all else, we opted for a hotel. Specifically this Courtyard hotel of the Marriot chain. In New York, the location is very important, since it is the difference between spending the day on the subway or going for a walk to the places of interest for your little ones.

In What Area Do I Stay?

enjoy with children in nature

Unless you intend to see the more residential New York and enjoy with children in nature, for which it is best to rent a car and look for options in the north of the state, near the border with Connecticut, I recommend that you look for accommodation in Manhattan. Plans such as enjoying a walk among the skyscrapers, a game-time in Central Park, and a lunch based on authentic New York hot dogs will delight your children on the first day. From there the possibilities are limitless.

As for the best areas of Manhattan to stay in, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, on both sides of Central Park. On the banks of the Hudson River and the Manhattan river, you also have two parks with fantastic views and many things to do enjoy with children. If you stay down from the park, I recommend that you do not stray too far from it. Anywhere between the park and Times Square is great, with attractions such as Central Park Zoo, Natural History Museum, Children’s Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Fifth Avenue shops, the New York Public Library, or the lights of Times Square and the musicals of Bradway.

How Do I Get Around Manhattan?

A ride in a typical New York yellow cab is a must. But once you have satisfied the desire to do “the touristy” I recommend that you download the Uber and Lyft applications. With them, you can move around the island quickly and without problems with a price fixed in advance. You save yourself the uncertainty of knowing if they are taking you the shortest way and the hassle of walking thinking about how much you should leave a tip so as not to offend the driver.

The New York subway is also a must-see, as well as a fast and inexpensive option to get around with your children. Of course, if your little one or your little ones still go in a cart, you are going to see them and want them to go down and up the stairs since there are very few stations that have an elevator.

What To Eat In New York?

The answer is simple. Enjoy with children the first thing you should do when you arrive in New York is to look around you, find a food cart that has hot dogs, and buy one for each of you. With this mission accomplished, in New York you have thousands (literally thousands) of options for eating, adjusting to any type of pocket.

If you’re into kicking, I recommend that you make a “strong” breakfast and hit the paw until the soles of your shoes wear out. At noon you can satisfy your hunger with a “hot dog” or a slice of pizza, which are the cheapest options to kill hunger.

Food trucks have become very popular in the city, and you can see long lines in front of them on the sidewalks at lunchtime (between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM). Once the afternoon plan is finished (almost everything closes there around 5 pm) it is best to find a restaurant to rest your feet and taste any of the gastronomic options that the world offers you, since you can all find them in Manhattan without going around a lot.

Things That You Cannot Miss

Central Park. The most magical place to stroll and stroll through New York. In the most famous park in the world, walking aimlessly becomes a magnificent experience in which at every step you will discover with your family a place full of charm and life in the purest New York style.

The Natural History Museum or Museum of Natural History. Located on 79th Street across from Central Park on the west side of it. Warning to sailors, it is not cheap, but it is worth it. It is convenient to study their website well to know the different types of discounts they offer.

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