Playing is good! 6 benefits of playing for the little ones

benefits of playing for the little ones

Playing is good! 6 benefits of playing for the little ones

Play is a very important dimension for growing children. In addition to helping them to let off steam and have fun, it is in fact able to guarantee them a series of great physical and psychological benefits that will contribute to forming a curious, intelligent and inventive little adult. Whether it’s an outdoor game, box games, group games, the playful dimension brings with it unbeatable advantages with an indisputable educational value, teaching discipline, respect for the rules and opponents, and stimulating the aptitude for reasoning, curiosity, and imagination, especially when it comes to games to be created and invented from scratch, just like the ones we offer in the following video.

  1. Develop interests and inclinations, starting to form the personality

Play is perhaps the first channel through which the little ones have the opportunity to explore new things and affirm tastes, inclinations, and interests. Not only that, with the game you begin to manifest and outline your personality and nature, starting to make yourself known in all senses. In fact, there are children who are more introverted or shy, others who are more sociable and exuberant, and each of them will begin to express their temperament through games and recreational activities towards which they feel most attracted. It is therefore important to listen to the little ones also during this phase to get to know them better and immediately glimpse inclinations and tastes that could then be more cultivated in the future.

  1. Allows the child to let off steam, improving his behavior

Play is also a fundamental moment to bring some balance into the life of the little ones. That’s right, without the time to let off steam and engage in playful activities, the child can feel too much pressure, manifesting nervousness, fatigue, and frustration. The game therefore also serves to allow him to recharge and give free rein to his creativity, forgetting for a while the small obligations and commitments that even the life of a growing child imposes.

This will then allow the child to be more diligent, respond with greater attention and concentration to the various activities that his day imposes on him, and to do fewer whims, to the great happiness of mum and dad. Not only that, he will learn from an early age the importance of off moments and free time, coming to more easily cultivate interests and hobbies that can enrich his life in the future.

  1. Stimulates imagination and creativity

It goes without saying how crucial play is in the early stages of growth to form a personality full of inventiveness and creativity. Let your child play with everything that comes under fire from cards to bottle caps. Do not reserve him only the games children of modernity, video games, or the classic games on phones and iPads; let him rediscover the flavor of creating things and objects from nothing, manufacturing, painting, and inventing new worlds. All this stimulates curiosity and imagination at exponential levels, starting immediately towards a way of reading and interpreting reality full of originality and anything but predictable and conventional.

  1. Teaches respect for the rules and team play

The game then teaches the children order, discipline, and respect for the rules and opponents. Not only that, it allows them to immediately know the pleasure of teaming up. The complicity, the sense of belonging, strengthening interpersonal relationships. And making them less shy and more inclined to socialize.

A child who is able to interact and make new friends more easily will undoubtedly be a more serene, self-confident, and aware adult. All fundamental qualities ensure a fulfilling and happy personal life and relationships.

  1. Promotes movement

Play then it allows children to run, making movement and dedicate themselves to one type of exercise more. And in a world like today’s, where you often spend the whole day sitting in front of an iPad or the TV, this aspect is even more precious and fundamental. Playing therefore also guarantees priceless physical benefits, letting the little ones discover the pleasure of running, moving the body, creating things with their hands. Thus recovering the importance of a whole more physical and sensory part, often forgotten which however contains extreme potential and growth opportunities and, why not, stimulate appetite.

  1. Promote learning

Playing also helps to stimulate learning, the aptitude for thinking and reasoning and to guarantee a greater wealth of knowledge. Needless to say, children who delight in the game show a more alert and attentive character, are more curious and learn more quickly. In short, a continuous virtuous circle that contributes to forming an adult future full of excellent qualities, interests, and desire to know.

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