Tips for choosing ideal toys for children

Ideal toys for children

Tips for choosing ideal toys for children

Don’t know what toy to buy your child? At we help you with this task so that you can choose the most suitable toy for your child.

We offer you the ideal toys according to the child’s age, toys to stimulate, toys for children with disabilities, or toys for children with learning disabilities. There is a toy for every child.

Ideas for choosing toys according to the child

Best toys for children with disabilities.

We help you choose the toy that can stimulate your child the most or encourage their cognitive development.

Baby Toys

Babies do not need a large number of toys within their reach, but they do need these to be the right ones for them, both because it helps them to stimulate them physically and sensory and because they are appropriate for their age. How to choose the most appropriate toys for the baby’s first year.

Good And Bad Toys For The Baby

Toy guide by age for boys and girls. The importance of using toys as educational tools. offers us complete information on how to play and what toys to choose when buying gifts for children. Toys for children by age.

Toys According To The Child’s Age

Selection of toys according to the age of each child. Toys for babies, for preschoolers, for each stage of childhood. advises us on the role of toys in the emotional, social and intellectual development of children and helps us choose the best toy for children.

Stimulating Toys

Toys, in addition to being a means of entertainment for children, when used well, serve to stimulate them and favor many learning processes. The psychologist Silvia Álava tells us what criteria we should have when choosing toys from 0 to 6 years of age.

Toys To Learn

Toys to learn. Children learn by playing and, for this reason, it is necessary that toys allow children to develop their own faculties and promote the desire to experiment. Tips to choose the most stimulating toys according to their age.

Why Buy Wooden Toys?

Wooden toys are on the rise, and they are not only due to passing fads, but there are several reasons for this. In Guí we leave you 6 powerful compelling reasons for you to park the polymers and enter the magical world of wood.

Toys For Children With Disabilities

The toy plays a prominent role in this practice, but little is known about the most suitable toys for children with disabilities, whether visual, auditory, motor, or intellectual. Here we leave you a list of the best toys with disabilities.

Toys For Children Asperger’s

What toys are the most suitable for a child with Asperger’s? At we tell you what games and toys stimulate and develop the abilities of ASD children.

Toys For Autistic Children

The most suitable toys for children with autism that we highlight here are those that facilitate multisensory stimulation, those that favor motor skills, language, and communication, and all those that allow working on emotions and the development of social play.

Toys For The Holidays

We explain what are the best games and children’s toys holidays. The game and toys are there to have fun, to teach and educate, to relax, and help children to share moments and entertainment with their families and others. We tell you which are the best games for children.

Toys For The Summer

We tell you which are the best children’s toys for summer. What do children usually play with during the summer? The Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers held a competition to find out which are the eight best summers.

Toys That Impair Speech

Meet the toys that harm children’s speech. A study has shown that electronic toys that speak or emit a voice can delay a child’s language development since there is less conversation and interaction with adults.

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