Working with children: seven basic tips

Tips to working with children

Working with children: seven basic tips

Working with children is one of the most rewarding activities you can do. Not only will they learn, but with each game and each action, you will learn too. For the work to be effective, you will need to use a series of guidelines, so we give you seven basic tips.

Each child is very different: he feels and understands the world around him differently from everyone else. Therefore, your initial job will consist of getting to know him individually and knowing how to adapt to get the best out of him and yourself.

Set A Goal And The Activities To Be Carried Out

Working with children requires special sensitivity

Before starting the scheduled activity (a drawing or gymnastics class, for example) talk about the goal you are going to work on. What will they have learned by the end of the class?  Tell her; It will help them focus and know what to do.

In addition, you will have to explain to them what steps you are going to follow to reach that goal: what you will do in each step and how they will have to do it. Give examples with drawings or images; I’m sure they understand you very well.

Convey Love And Affection

Working with children requires special sensitivity. Shows of affection are essential when it comes to children. Their perception of themselves is being formed and it is important that trust is built so that they can learn. Reinforce their self-esteem, make them see the good things that each one has, smile, and make them smile. Convey your joy.

Exercise Great Patience

Patience is essential in any job and even more so when it comes to children. There will be things that you will have to repeat many times so that they learn; you will have to find creative ways to make them understand behaviors to avoid or positive attitudes.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Making mistakes is the way we learn and mature, so let children make mistakes, and learn a lesson from each mistake. Teach them how to do it so that they face each situation with curiosity and joy.

Celebrate Your Achievements

Every achievement, no matter how small, should be celebrated. Children need you to show them what they are good at, encourage them to continue, and help them see their strengths. You don’t need a big party;  a strong hug or candy can suffice.

Encourage Them To Ask Questions And Be Curious

Children are curious by nature, but not all of them dare to ask when there are other people in front of them, so you will have to be the one to help them participate by asking for their opinion or organizing an activity that encourages them to talk.

Have Fun And They Will Have Fun

Working with children should be fun for you and for them. They will learn without realizing it and each lesson will be like a game. You will have to put all your creativity into the activity you do to generate emotion and have a good time.

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