6 tips on how to care for children at home

Care your children at home

6 tips on how to care for children at home

Have children? If you don’t have them, surely when you see other mothers talking about how hard and tiring childcare is, you think how exaggerated! But if you have already been a mother, you understand perfectly what they mean. Children at home are very active and need constant attention; and on many occasions, this is exhausting.

Sometimes finding a place in a public nursery is complicated and paying for a private one is even more difficult. For this reason, resorting to the services of a nanny or dedicating yourself exclusively to the care of your children are sometimes the only options. If you do not want to ask your beloved grandparents for help. So, to help you get organized and make your life a little easier. Here are some tips on how to babysit at home.

Adapt To The Age Of The Child

Tips for care your children at home

Caring for a baby is not the same as caring for a 3-year-old, much less an 8-year-old. Each stage has its peculiarities and for your care to be adequate, you must know what each child needs depending on their age.

A baby needs to eat on time, sleep, digest, and stay clean. For his part, a 3-year-old needs to play and a person who is aware that he does not constantly fail. Likewise, an 8-year-old child is curious, he needs to talk, ask questions and resolve doubts. You have to prepare for all these situations if you want to take good care of the child.

Don’t Get Lost, Children Need You To Pay Them All The Time

Taking care of a child requires a lot of attention; they are in constant movement and are not aware of the dangers that may be near them, so if you are not attentive at all times they can get lost, fall; or hide and scare you to death. So don’t get distracted and pay attention all the time.

Learn How To Prevent Accidents

Without a doubt, children fall; It is something that in the greatest number of cases you cannot avoid but as in everything in this life; it’s better to prevent than to cure. Having utensils to safeguard the safety of children is important, such as protectors on the corners of the furniture, on the sockets, or on the doors, but if you see that the child is heading at full speed towards, for example, the dining room display case, better stop it and for that, you have to be attentive all the time. You never know what can go through a child’s head.

Choose An Educational Line And Be Faithful To It. Do Not Contradict

Children are sponges, they stay with everything you tell them. That is why it is very important that when you scold them or give them any instructions, you do not contradict yourself or other people who at any given time may take care of the child.

Children Also Have An Opinion, Keep It In Mind

Children are children but they do not like to be treated as such, they want to feel like equals and listening to them is the first step for them to trust you and therefore pay attention to what they are advised.

If they want to play, play with them. If they want to eat sweets, convince them that a ham sandwich is better and eat one yourself. It is best to set an example so if you want the child to get used to something, start by doing it yourself first.

The Most Important Advice: Be Patient And Enjoy

Spending time with children can be a lot of fun and very enriching. Take advantage of your time with them, be patient, and learn to connect with your childish side. Worth.

If your job prevents you from reconciling work and family life and you can’t always take care of your children at home as you would like, hiring a child care professional is the best decision. Professional home nannies know the needs of children perfectly and will help you with everything you need. Contact Family Help and we will find the perfect nanny for your children.

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